Help LACHC respond to COVID-19

Los Angeles Christian Health Centers (LACHC) is here, on the frontlines, responding to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic in Skid Row and other underserved areas where the barriers of poverty, homelessness and illness complicate access and care. Our vulnerable homeless neighbors are particularly at risk and so we are here fighting for resources and continuing to deliver vital care and love in the midst of the pandemic!


Peace in Times of Stress

In the past weeks, we have been inundated with news, webinars, talks and rumors about COVID-19.  Public events have been postponed.  Schools, libraries, conference halls, and public centers are closed.  As we hear more about the spread of the virus in the media, we are also surprised to find long lines in grocery stores and empty store shelves.  This weekend, the stores around my home were out of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, milk, meat, and more!